A former employee of ADT will receive a 52-month prison sentence. For years he hacked into the security cameras’s of some’s two hundred clients to watch live. In total, he logged in more than 9,600 times to spy on his client’s customers. This is what the US Department of Justice writes.

Installation technician spied on hundreds of customers for years

The case revolves around 35-year-old Telesforo Aviles. He worked for ADT, a company that installs security camera’s at companies and individuals. As an installation technician, he visited many clients and attached numerous camera’s. While working, he added his personal email address to the ADT Pulse account. In this way, he had access to the live images of the camera’s he had installed. He told his boss’s clients that this was necessary to test the security system, but often he said nothing about this and did so expressvpn 中国.

Aviles memorized the addresses where he found beautiful women. When he had the empire to himself, he logged into the ADT Pulse account to view live footage. With some regularity, he saw naked women and couples having sex with their partners. In the past four-and-a-half years he secretly allowed himself access to the cameras of some two hundred customers more than 9,600 times with kuinka Netflix in VPN toimii nimenomaan?

Court imposes years of imprisonment

This has not gone down well with the victims. This deliberate and calculated invasion of my privacy is arguably more damaging than if I had not had a security system installed in my home and my house had been broken into,” a woman whose CCTV footage Aviles viewed told the court. “The actions of this sick and corrupt person will take a lasting emotional and mental toll on me.”

The Northern District Court of Prerak Shah ruled that Aviles was guilty of video hacking (computer violation) and invasion of privacy. The installation technician was sentenced to an unconditional prison term of four years and four months. He must serve his sentence in a federal prix expressvpn.

Hackers break into more than 150,000 security cameras’s of Verkada

ADT is not the only company where security camera’s were remotely hacked. The same thing happened to the American startup Verkada. Big difference is that with Verkada it wasn’t an inside job . There the hackers of APT69420 managed to get root access by taking over a ‘super admin account’. The username and password of this account could be found on the Internet. Once logged in, the hackers were able to view video footage from over 150,000 security camera’s.